Hand Pan Care

There are certain steps that prolong the tune and life of this musical jewel…

  1. Of course, it is better not to play in the direct sun because of the heat, the instrument expands and its tuning deviates from the given tuning. If it happens and this instrument is left in direct sunlight, take it and put it in the shade to cool down where it returns to its original tuning. When left in direct sunlight, it’s wise to not play the instrument, because there is a possibility that it can affect the tuning, which of course can be fixed.
  2. Store the instrument in places where there is the least chance of any damage.
  3. Do not store the instrument enclosed in a backpack for a longer time where it is possible to moisten and it can corrode.
  4. If you want your instrument to play as long as possible, play it with your heart and gently with your hands.
  5. It is common for hands to sweat and the sweat contains salts that can cause unnecessary corrosion and therefore it is best to clean this tool with the pure alcohol applied on a cloth that can be bought at a pharmacy. After cleaning, it is very good to oil the instrument. Drop a few drops on the instrument and wipe the cloth to almost dry. Various oil preparations are used, for example РFROGLUBE PHOENIX HANDPAN OIL, BALLISTOL Рor coconut oil can be used as well as other cold-pressed oils

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